Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam 8.9 MP Camcorder

Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam 8.9 MP CamcorderWelcome to where we will be giving you an overview of the top camcorders online. We have searched all of the web to make sure you get a quality camcorder that does not break the bank but that has a ton of features.

Our top pick is the Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam 8.9 MP Camcorder and we will start off by having a look at the features of this camcorder:

  • 8.9 megapixel still image
  • 30X Optical, 55X Extended Zoom
  • 3.0 inch touch-screen Clear Photo LCD display
  • 1920×1080 Full HD 60p Recording
  • Up to 5 hours of recording with 16GB embedded Flash Memory

This is our top pick due to the price and the fact that you get loads of features at a reasonably low price. You will also have the option of including the Built In Projector which is an additional extra.

Of course the main thing you want to know is the quality of image that you can get with this camcorder and it is not lacking in that department. You get 1920x1080p Full HD video and you also have the Optical SteadyShot image feature that will make it look like the footage was taken by a pro as it takes the shake out. With a back illuminated Ezmor CMOS sensor you will be able to capture footage in low light conditions and the wide angle lens will help you fit more action into each frame.

With the Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam 8.9 MP Camcorder you can also record up to 5 hours of footage depending on the settings you have as you get a 16GN embedded memory.

There are some features that will improve the sound you record as well. You have Clear voice which will detect someone’s face that it knows in the picture and will reduce background noise that will make it a must have at parties, weddings etc… where the ambience is quite loud.

Another feature is the Wind noise reduction that works in much the same as the clear voice but obviously with the wind that will help you to get clear sound when you are outdoors.

Another feature you might want to invest in with the Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam 8.9 MP Camcorder is an External HDD that can be purchased separately and allows you to save all your videos to the drive without a PC.


The Sony HDR-CX260V High Definition Handycam 8.9 MP Camcorder is a must have if you want a camcorder that is relatively affordable with a ton of features. If you start adding in features like the HDD and the projector it will get more expensive but even with the standard package this is a camcorder that will last you for years!

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Customer Reviews:

By P.McWhorter:

Recently while preparing for a trip to Africa, I purchased an entry level Samsung camcorder. I was extremely disappointed in both image quality and overall functionality. In fact, I did not even take it to Africa, as it offered no advantage over the camcorder functionality built into my Canon Elf digital camera.

So, I was very excited about the chance to get this higher end Sony Camcorder. After my experience with the Samsung, I came into the deal somewhat sceptical. After spending some time with this Sony, I have become a true believer. In this review, I will focus on the things I liked about this camera, as compared to the entry level cameras I have used in the past.

First, the camera is easy to use. I was able to get going with it without reading the instructions. I am of the opinion that a well-designed product should be intuitive, and not need instructions. This camera receives high marks in this area. I got all features working without the manual.

Second, the quality of the video was extremely good. The camera focuses well, and the images are brilliant and have excellent contrast. Read More At…

By Stephen Alvord:

After spending hours researching about this camera, I bought it because I decided it was the best. Now that I have used it for several months, I know for myself. Why? Several reasons.

1. The image quality was my #1 concern and this camera doesn’t disappoint. Indoors, the quality is definitely more than acceptable, but outdoors is where it really jumps out at you. Color was amazing and there was absolutely no blurriness, fuzziness or grain. It’s really as good as it can get.

2. The photo mode is very useful and more than just an added feature. In 8.9 mp, the quality was better than expected (outdoors at least).

3. The touchscreen interface is easy to understand and people with steep learning curves will adjust without trouble. Also, the physical buttons on the camera are few in number, with only the most used and most logical functions being present; everything else is handled one step at a time on the touchscreen.

4. I thought that the GPS function would only be a software gadget that didn’t really do anything, but it is nothing short of phenomenal. I live in Ukraine, so naturally I got it shipped here. When I charged up the camera and looked at the GPS section, I saw that the map said I was in New York, presumably the place where the camera was manufactured. I told the GPS to refresh itself and went outside. The camera brought up a satellite map and started connecting with nearby satellites. Once it connected with four of them (after about 2 minutes) I got an exact map of where I was complete with coordinates and exact date and time. The map could zoom way in and I was shocked to find that not only were the names of local areas written in the local language, but the small, almost nameless street that I lived on was present on the map! Nice. Read More At…